Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

When: June 2017

Where: Heritage Theatre Festival, University of Virginia

Position: Assistant Scenic Charge

Methods and Materials: chalk line, chip brushes, glazing with supersaturated Rosco paint, sponges

This is one example of a traditional faux wood grained planked deck. I tested and executed this process using several steps, including measuring, chalk lining, dragging chip brushes, and sealing.

Die Mommy, Die!

When: April 2018

Where: Center Theatre Group

Position: Scenic Artist

Methods and Materials: faux marbling, done using a rolled scumble, fitch brushes, household sprayers, latex paint, high gloss water based sealer

The Wiz

When: February 2015

Where: Carnegie Mellon University

Position: Scenic Charge

Methods and Materials: large scale dremel points, a compass point and string, masking, and careful line cutting

The design for this deck was seven circles of different center points, shades, and finishes floating inside each other.

Scenic Design: Lucy Petters Lighting Design: Rane Renshaw  Costume Design: Daniel Tyler Matthews Media Design: Kevan Loney Director: Tomé Cousin