Additional Shows

Les Misérables

When: March 2010

Where: Dr. Phillips High School, Orlando, Fl

Position: Scenic Artist

To complete this drop, we first hung the drop and projected the image and text. We then traced the outlines and laid the drop flat.  Using rollers, we rolled several thin layers of paint for the flag in an attempt to give it a partially transparent look. We then cut in the letters and image, finally outlining them in black. 

Death of a Salesman

When: October 2009

Where: Dr. Phillips High School, Orlando, Fl

Position: Scenic Artist 

The treatment on this multistory set included some aging with the use of sponges and wallpapering. This production was one of six productions chosen among high school theatres in the state of Florida to perform at the Florida State Thespian Festival, in Tampa in 2010. 

To Kill a Mockingbird

When: October 2011

Where: Dr. Phillips High School

Position: Scenic Charge

This production involved the construction of three houses, all in need of an age treatment contiguous to what would be found in a sleepy Alabama town. There was also a floor treatment to make the stage look like a dusty dirt road amid patchy grass. 


Bus Stop

When: January 2012

Where: Dr. Phillips High School, Orlando, Fl

Position: Scenic Charge, Stage Manager

This production was entered in the District V Thespian Festival and won Best Tech. The set was successfully packaged into a 5'x9' box and was able to be constructed by a large team of high school students in under two minutes. The story takes place in a diner outside Kansas City in 1955. 

Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme

When: September 2014

Where: Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre

Position: Scenic Artist 

Techniques included pre-val sprayers, dry brushing, an blocking.